Joyenda yabenda ast
 -Dari Proverb

Literal translation : a seeker a founder is

This proverb means that a seeker is a finder. If you are determined to do something and you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed.


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Mr. David L. Edwards is the program manager for The Language Flagship, Language Training Centers, and Project Global Officer at the National Security Education Program.  He is primarily responsible for The Language Flagship technology, culture, and K-12 initiatives.  Prior to joining NSEP, he served as a Plans and Policy Analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, responsible for writing congressional testimony, speeches, strategy, and policy for senior Department of Defense officials, to include the Secretary of Defense, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness.  In this capacity, he also oversaw the Strategic Foreign Language Expansion Program, a K-12 partnership with the Department of Defense Education Activity.  Mr. Edwards also served as a Foreign Language and Cultural Analyst in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs where he advised the Assistant Secretary on language, regional, and cultural policies, programs, and initiatives.  Mr. Edwards has language proficiencies in Spanish, Chinese, and American Sign Language. 

Recent Publications

Edwards, David L. “Diverted Attention: Why We Shouldn’t Ignore ISIL in the Asia Pacific.” The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security. Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer 2015. Pages 77-85.

Edwards, David L. “Ignored in Asia: The ISIL Threat.”  Small Wars Journal. Vol. 11, No. 1. January 21, 2015.

Edwards, David L. “DoD Language, Regional, and Cultural Implementation Plan.”  The Foreign Area Officer Association Journal of International Affairs. Volume XVII: Number 2.  Summer/Fall 2014. 

Edwards, David L. “Speaking in Our Defense”, The Journal of Communication and Education: Language Magazine: March 2013.

Edwards, David L. "DoD Improves Personnel Language Skills, Regional Expertise, and Cultural Capabilities", Globe: Vol. 34, No. 1, Winter 2011.

Edwards, David L. "Achieving Interoperability and Building Partner Capacity", Dialogo: Special Reports, November 3, 2011.