Joyenda yabenda ast
 -Dari Proverb

Literal translation : a seeker a founder is

This proverb means that a seeker is a finder. If you are determined to do something and you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed.


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Johanna Elisabeth (Lisa) Ehm Waller, M.A.

Johanna Elisabeth (Lisa) Ehm Waller, MA –Annual Fellow: Culture

Lisa Ehm Waller is a Forensic Psychologist with a focus on practical service within the Behavioral and Social Science fields. Lisa received her MA in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York where she also kept up her study in Anthropology as a Minor since previously receiving her AA degree in Anthropology from Santa Barbara City College. After many years in the Behavioral and Social Science fields, she became a volunteer ESOL Literacy teacher and that led her to employment working with immigrants all over northern Virginia as an Education Services Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. She is currently a freelance writer in non-fiction and fiction and a Lead Teacher at the Swedish School of Falls Church, VA.

As an ISCL Annual Fellow Lisa is working towards the completion of a publication of “How an Emic Perspective on Culturally-Bound Psychopathologies Benefits Global Security”, disputing the importance of conjoining Individual Psychopathologies and Cultural Allegiances in order to improve and better comprehend cross-cultural engagements and global security strategies.

Current Institute Project :