Joyenda yabenda ast
 -Dari Proverb

Literal translation : a seeker a founder is

This proverb means that a seeker is a finder. If you are determined to do something and you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed.


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The Institute for the Study of Culture and Language (ISCL) strives to promote the theory, doctrine, and practices foundational to mission success in the human domain through the application of culture and language. One of the Institute’s goals is to build and share a comprehensive body of professional knowledge on research, the development of learning programs and application of culture and language considered critical to the future of US military strategy and missions. JCLIS offers an opportunity for a wide audience of interested military and non-military academics, military professionals and operators, students of security concerns and interested colleagues - in an unofficial and unfettered vehicle - to debate and advance the theory and practice of promoting success in a very dynamic and uncertain international environment. 

Fall 2015

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Summer 2015

Clash of Cultures

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Finding a Common Thread

Spring 2016

The Table 7 Issue