Joyenda yabenda ast
 -Dari Proverb

Literal translation : a seeker a founder is

This proverb means that a seeker is a finder. If you are determined to do something and you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed.


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Dr. Efrat Elron Efrat Elron, PhD, is an organizational consultant, a research fellow at the Centre for Global Workforce Strategy at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and the head of the international team of the Israeli Peace Initiative, an organization promoting a regional Israeli-Arab peace agreement. Dr. Elron specializes in the management of intercultural interfaces within and between organizations, the organizational and strategic effectiveness of security organizations, the evaluation of local and international development projects, organizational innovation, leadership development, and teamwork,.  After earning her B.Sc. in Biology and Geology at the Hebrew University, Dr. Elron completed her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at the University of Maryland. Her dissertation looked at international subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies, focusing on the effects of cultural diversity on the performance and processes of their top management teams. 

Dr. Elron served as a faculty member at the Hebrew University’s School of Business Administration and at Tel Hai Academic College. In 2008 she entered the policy making world, serving as a research fellow at the NATO Defense College in Rome and as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Peace Institute in New York. In 2011 she returned to Israel after traveling for six months in Central America and the South Pacific and joined the global research team of the Centre for Global Workforce Strategy. She has continuously worked as a consultant and trainer on issues of intercultural and CIMIC competencies in the UN Department of Peacekeeping, the IDF Strategic Division, NGOs specializing in international development, and global organizations from the private sector. 

Efrat is currently engaged in working as a trainer with the Nigerian security agencies as part of EU CIMIC projectas a researcher in a study funded by the US Department of Defense that looks at cycles of learning, adaptation, and innovation in operational military units, and as the project evaluator for the Israeli Branch of the Society for International Development,. She is co-editing a book on the effects of intercultural interoperability and leadership on mission effectiveness in UNIFIL, the outcome of a multinational project looking at the peace operation from CIMIC, national, regional and international perspectives. Additional multinational projects she led and co-led examined the application of intercultural competence training for participants in peace and stability operations, and the assessment of alternative models of international deployments in the Israeli-Palestinian interface. 

Dr. Elron's publications include articles in the Armed Forces and Society, Journal of Applied Psychology, the International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, and the Palestine-Israel Journal, and chapters in ‘Multinational Military Cooperation in Peace Operations’ and ‘The Psychology of the Peacekeeper: Lessons from the Field.’ She appeared in the Israeli media on issues related to peace operations and multinational coalitions, and was the initiator and special advisor to the Israeli Public Television’s documentary on UNIFIL, She presented in numerous conferences. Venues she appeared in include the Israeli and Swedish National Defense Colleges, the International Association for Peacekeeping Training Centers, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Israeli Palestinian Center for Research and Information (IPCRI). Some of her recent talks included West Point Academy’s Leadership and Service conference where she discussed the notion of ‘Responsible Global Leadership’, and the US Naval Postgraduate School where she presented the role of peace operations in future warfare.

Efrat traveled to more than 50 countries in all five continents, and her personal passions include diving, hiking, reading, and excellent art in all its forms.